About Me

"I am just a guy with a laptop, a Pit bull and a love for music"

The Info

Melbourne based music enthusiast and producer, Kid Vicious, has had a long-time infatuation and love for music ever since he was a kid. Over the last year or so, he had spent a lot of time teaching himself the art of music production and forging his own unique blends.

Last year, as part of his day job, Youth Support Worker, Kid Vicious played a leading role in a music program alongside some Australian veteran producers to produce hip hop for ‘at risk’ teens of Melbourne, eventually resulting in The St Kilda PCYC Mixtape Vol.1.

Recently, Kid Vicious has taken a step out from the dark corner of his bedroom, where he often hides on his laptop. This step has seen him reach out to artists to feature on his work. Kid Vicious’ s first debut E.P ‘The Pullout Method’ is only months away from release. 

‘The Pullout Method’ is an eclectic mix of genres and styles of hip hop, a true testament to versatility and a celebration of the current hip hop scene.

Humbled to be doing something with passion and sharing this venture with others, Kid Vicious aims to continue learning and to grow as a promising hip hop producer and young talent.